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Your Results Do Not Determine whether you are a Sucess or Failure.

Your Attitude Does.

Preparing Global Leaders and Leaners

Our proprietary programs and curriculum which incorporate Global 21st Century and Social-Emotional learning help your child to improve their exam results!

English and Maths

English and Math Enrichment-Tuition for Primary (PSLE) and Secondary Levels

- Additional rich content not covered in schools that creates a love for learning

- Following the MOE Syllabus and ensuring that learners are on track for success in their studies

Our Results

  • 3000+ students conquer their fear

  • 100 % Success rate

  • 1000+ parents' recommendations! 


Our original English curriculum combined with Social Emotional Learning  and 21st Century Leadership for students to excel, beyond the classrooms.


+ Primary 1-6
+ Secondary 1-4
+ Creative Writing
+ Grammar Intensive
+ Oral Intensive

+ Comprehension Cloze


Our mathematics enrichment program combines MOE Relevant Mathematics studies integrated with Social Emotional Learning and Neuropsychology techniques to not only produce excellent scores but uplift the student's spirit and confidence in real-life applications. 

+ Primary 1-6
+ Secondary Level "E" Math
+ Secondary Level "A" Math
+ "N" Level Math
+ "O" Level Math

Popular Workshops

​​​Creative Writing Workshop 

from June 2020

(Middle & Upper Primary)


Term 3 English Power Workshops

Creative Writing / Gammar Intensive / Oral Intensive / Comprehension Cloze

July 2020 & September 2020

(Upper Primary)

 Maths Booster 2-hrs Workshop (online)

Perfect for catching up and/or boosting to the next level.

Every Sunday, 07 June - 05 July 2020

(for Primary 3-6, Secondary 1-2)

See our Successes


Yen Fhang

Primary 6

I would like to thank my teacher for their patience and for igniting my interest in Math. He is an amazing role model who knew exactly how to turn my weakness into strength. I am so glad that I scored an "A" for Math!

Teaching English

Mother of Lucas

Primary 3

"Lucas was struggling with English since P1. He’s made so much progress now he’s no longer afraid of English and has scored his best ever in SA1.


The centre takes the learning first from the child’s heart, and caters to his abilities and pace. You have tapped on Lucas’ potential for learning. Thank you!"



Secondary 2

I really appreciate my teachers for inspiring me to have the love for Math. His method of teaching has impacted me to achieve "A"s consistently. 

Woman Tutoring Child

Mother of Shin Yong

Primary 4

"Shin Yong is the only one in his class who scored 1 for English in SA1!"

What really stood out for us are their sound pedagogy and their teachers. They not only teach with passion but take time to mould characters and impact values.  We are really happy wiht our boys' progress and they look forward to going for classes."



Secondary 2

I enjoyed learning Math with my teacher who is dedicated and well experienced. I appreciate the times he encouraged me which motivated me to ace and top the class.

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