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Preparing Global Leaders and Learners

“To empower successful global-minded individuals who love learning to become positive-influencers who will impact their nation and families.”

Areas We Excel

English and Math Enrichment-Tuition for Primary (PSLE) and Secondary Levels

- Additional rich content not covered in schools that creates a love for learning

- Following the MOE Syllabus and ensuring that learners are on track for success in their studies

Our Programmes

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Lower Primary

Instil the passion for learning through the meaningful discovery of who they are and the world they live in, building firm foundations in English & Maths.

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Lower Secondary

Developing a self-identity through an awareness of themselves in the world they live in. Learning how to overcome fear and failure and thrive in stressful environments.

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Intensive Workshops

Crafted to help your child excel in the upcoming 2020 exams.

Register for our June workshops now!

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Upper Primary

Empowering your child to take ownership of his learning as he faces the most stressful times in his student life, acing and excelling in PSLE.


Upper Secondary

Building higher-order critical thinking through current affairs and practical real-life applications. Developing thought-leaders with a global mindset and a love to make the a positive global influence.


Parents' Consultations

Schedule your free 1-1

30 minutes consultation with our lead teachers online!


happy students


success rate

1000+ parents' recommendations

Some of our Success Stories


Yen Fhang

Primary 6

I would like to thank my teacher for their patience and for igniting my interest in Math. He is an amazing role model who knew exactly how to turn my weakness into strength. I am so glad that I scored an "A" for Math!



Secondary 2

I really appreciate my teachers for inspiring me to have the love for Math. His method of teaching has impacted me to achieve "A"s consistently. 

Teaching English

Mother of Lucas

Primary 3

"Lucas was struggling with English since P1. He’s made so much progress now he’s no longer afraid of English and has scored his best ever in SA1.


The centre takes the learning first from the child’s heart, and caters to his abilities and pace. You have tapped on Lucas’ potential for learning. Thank you!"

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