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Neuro Active Filtering TM

What is Neuro Active FilteringTM

Neuropsychology is the scientific study of the intricate relationship between behavior, emotion, and cognition on the one hand, and brain function on the other.


The fear of problems causes our brain to process the incoming information negatively; affecting our emotions (like creating boredom or anxiety) and our ability to retain and critically process information.  


The Neuro Active Filtering TM method addresses three key areas in order to create a positive learning journey: Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive. 

Affective Dimension

This dimension address how a person feels about him/herself as a learner. It is not about feelings to a subject, but rather how a person sees themselves as a learner. Negative feelings or thoughts of a learner about themselves interfere with their self-confidence and higher-level thinking skills.  


Neuro Active Filtering TM addresses this through helping the learner identify this negative identity, educate the learner on the consequences of this, and allow them to accept the responsibility of one's learning. 

Behaviour Dimension

The better leaners can structure and organize the information, the better they will be able to process complex problems.


Neuro Active Filtering TM includes various skills and disciplines to equip the learner. These include the strategy of processing subject information by keeping personal notes, time-management strategies, practical exam preparation techniques, error analysis, and correction.

Cognitive Dimension

The ability to analyse, process and understand subject information at a higher-thinking level is the goal of the Cognitive Dimension.


Our Neuro Active Filtering TM approach allows the learner to process subject information through relating to the problems in practical applications rather than seeking only for the straight-forward "right" answer. 

Neuro Active Filtering TM



Perfect Loves Casts Out Fear



Neuro Active Filtering TM was developed in Singapore through experienced Maths Educators who have trained and coached countless of students to their fullest potential in an environment of extreme pressure and stress both at home and in school to produce results. 

Results that Count

  • To bring about the joy in learning any subject! 

  • Build a sense of achievement in the learner. 

  • Create a positive attitude to any problem no matter how difficult! 

  • Reducing stress in examinations and preparations. 

  • Removing fear from failure and condemnation from not being to accomplish the problems. 

  • Building a healthy identity in the learner that produces right-confidence to life and challenges!

Practical and Real exam results!

  • 100% passing rate

  • Significant Improvements from Prelim to GCE "O'" Level

  • Significant Improvement for Primary 5 and 6 (PSSLE)

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