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Passionate Teachers. Great Curriculum!

"Shin Yong is the only one in his class who scored band 1 for English in SA1!


What really stood out for us are their sound pedagogy and their teachers. They not only teach with passion but take time to mould characters and impact values. We are really happy with our boys’ progress, and they look forward to going for classes."


Mother of Shin Long, Primary 4


Scored A* in PSLE 

“BELOVED has definitely helped me improve in many areas such as grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. But I think ultimately BELOVED has helped me become a better writer and has helped me improve tremendously in composition writing."


Scored A* in PSLE 

“Thank you so much for helping me through PSLE English! I learnt so much from the lessons, such as how to properly tackle comprehension open-ended questions, write meaningful compositions and even important life skills like never giving up. I am grateful for the dedication and passion towards teaching me English and I felt better prepared for the PSLE English papers. Your encouragements boosted my morale while I was fretting over the coming PSLE. Thank you so much for everything!”


Scored A* in PSLE 

“Since P3, I have never achieved an A* for any English tests. I’m so glad that after a year at BELOVED, I got an A* in English for PSLE!  Thank you!”


Scored 81/95 for SA1

“Every term, there would be a new theme introduced through award-winning books. Teachers would use engaging videos to introduce themes. Comprehension passages are crafted from them too, and I am equipped to answer inferential questions. Everything is taught in detail and easy to understand. Plus, lessons are lively; I have made a lot of friends!

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