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5 Awesome Reasons why we believe our tutors and program will be a blessing to your child!


Qualified Tutors

We do our best to ensure that all our qualified tutors carry the same heart and spirit of excellence for every student.


Curriculum and Resources

We are unique! All our tutors have access to our BELOVED curriculum for the various subjects in addition to the materials they use for tutoring. That is more value!


Teacher Support

Parents have additional support with access to our lead principals and senior teachers. This is great especially when it comes to requiring a second opinion or advice on how to improve the learning journey of your child. 


Administration Support

Finding a stand-in or replacement teacher where necessary. 

Proper terms and conditions with tutors. 

Access to rent physical classrooms.


Social-Emotional Learning

We hope to cultivate emotional resilience in your child so they can face their fears and overcome challenges.

Some commonly asked questions.

What subjects do your Tutors cover?

At this point in time, we focus on English, Maths, and Science for Primary (P1-P6) and Secondary (S1-S4) levels. This allows us to ensure that the students in these categories are able to achieve their best potential.

Who are your Tutors?

Our Tutors are carefully selected by us. They consist of our regular team of class teachers which are all ex-MOE teachers to part or full-time tutors who are experienced and capable educators. All at industry reasonable rates. We will provide the teacher's profile upon request. You can see the profile of some of our regular teachers here

What is the curriculum that is being used?

Our Tutors are free to use our proprietary developed curriculum to enhance whatever resources they are using. The curriculum provides significant enrichment to the lessons as they incorporate Social-Emotional Learning and more. You can find out more information here

Are you like other Tuition Agencies? 

We differentiate ourselves from other tuition agencies because we are educators ourselves and try to provide many more additional benefits that come with engaging our tutors. We are genuinely interested in the success of the students in a holistic approach to their subject competency and emotional well-being. 

What are the costs of your Tutors? 

Our tutor rates are based on market rates that are set by the individual tutor which is often benchmarked according to their qualification and experience. 

Are there any other charges?

You don't have to pay any agency fees as the commission is deducted from the tutors. Our fee is the general market rate at 50% of the 1st month of your tutor fees. This amount is collected from you after the end of the 2nd week. 

As simple as 1, 2 and 3!!!

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(1) Tell Us What you Need

It Is About You!

The better we understand your needs, the better we can help you find a match. We will help walkthrough with you what are the best options for your child. 

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(2) We find the Tutor

Finding The Right Fit!

We will find you the most suitable tutors that are available and provide you with their profile, rates, and schedule. If you need to, we can set up a conversation with the tutor. Only once you are comfortable, we will follow up withe first lesson.

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(3) Your First Lesson

Try It Out!

Pay for one lesson and then try it out before deciding, it is that simple.  There are no obligations to continue if you are not satisfied. 

Private Tutor Request

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you within 3 working days! 

If you are a private tuition teacher and wish to find out more, just contact us at 90224161 or email to

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