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BELOVED is a Non-Profit Education provider that provides quality enrichment, tuition, parenting workshops, and homework services through our local community partners.

"Our heart is to give every learner an opportunity to succeed despite any financial or social challenges they might face."

Find out more about:

  1. What We Do

  2. Our Subjects

  3. Our Rates

  4. Our Subsidies

  5. Other Benefits

  6. Our Locations

  7. Class Timings and Schedules

Your Child's Success Is More Than Grades!

(1) Our Curriculum

Tuition and Enrichment

  • Not just Tuition only but Enrichment!

  • iLoveEnglish Proprietary Curriculum for Primary and Secondary.

  • Incorporating Singapore Ministry of Education relevant standards and testing to ensure success in local schools.

  • Weaving in National Geographic Learning Curriculum to provide an unsurpassed richness to the learning journey.

  • Supporting other holistic programs to activate other higher level and holistic learning.

(2) Holistic Learning

Social-Emotional Intelligence

and Values Based

Having a high IQ or good test scores is great, but the reality is that ones' emotional intelligence (EQ) is the one that truly makes the differences in a person's learning journey and success. 


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and more.

(3) Our Teachers

Love to Learn. Learn to Love.

Our Teachers are best placed to lead and uphold our philosophy and framework of learning.

They are educationists who have in-depth experience and are passionate about teaching the subject. As role models, they create learning opportunities to shape and instill in every student important core values and a sense of self-worth and confidence, a spirit of resilience, care, and compassion for others.

What We Do

Some commonly asked questions.

What subjects do we cover at BELOVED Communities?

At this point in time, we focus on English for Primary (P1-P6) and Secondary (S1-S4) levels. This allows us to ensure that the students in these categories are able to achieve their best potential. 

We especially cater for Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary 1 and 2 (English Language Arts).

Who are your Tutors?

Our Tutors are carefully selected by us. They consist of ex-MOE teachers to part or full-time tutors who are experienced and capable educators. 

Are you like other Tuition Agencies? 

We differentiate ourselves from other tuition agencies because we are educators ourselves and try to provide many more additional benefits. We are genuinely interested in the success of the students in a holistic approach to their subject competency and emotional well-being. 

What are the Rates?

  • Rates are based on per lesson costs and are charged by term. The lesson is 1.5 hrs long.

  • A minimum number of 2 students are required for class to proceed.

  • Rates do not include material costs or a one-time registration fee for enrollment. 

Lower Primary (1-3)
Upper Primary (4-6)
Lower Secondary (1-2)
Upper Secondary (3-4)

What is the subsidy that is available for me?

Who Can Qualify? *

  • Low-Income families or families impacted by COVID-19 situation. In addition, priority is given to:

  • Single mothers who are particularly vulnerable with only one income to support the whole family.

  • Families whose primary income earner have lost their jobs and are unable to find employment in the last 3 months.


Why is it not a full subsidy?

  • As a non-profit, we aim to be financially sustainable to cover the costs for the teachers and the development of the curriculum.

  • If you have financial challenges and these Tiers still cannot meet your needs, reach out to us and our heart is to try to help!


Subsidy Guide

Gross Mthly Hsehold income

Above $4,800 but $5,200 & below

Per Capita Income

Above $1,400 but $1,500 & below

Subsidy Amount


Subsidy Assessment

Latest 6-month CPF statement or Latest 3-month payslip


Subsidy Guide

Gross Mthly Hsehold income

Above $4,000 but $4,800 & below

Per Capita Income

Above $1,200 but $1,400 & below

Subsidy Amount


Subsidy Assessment

Latest 6-month CPF statement or Latest 3-month payslips


Subsidy Guide

Gross Mthly Hsehold income

Above $2,400 but $4,000 &


Per Capita Income

Above $800 but $1,200 & below

Subsidy Amount


Subsidy Assessment

ILatest 6-month CPF statement or Latest 3-month payslips


Subsidy Guide

Gross mthly hsehold income

$2,400 & below

Per Capita Income

$800 & below

Subsidy Amount


Subsidy Assessment

Latest 6-month CPF statement or Latest 3-month payslips

What are the other special benefits?

  1. Free-Trial for first-time students. 

  2. Free additional homework support run by volunteers for students who need extra help. (subject to availability of volunteers)

  3. Parents Workshop

  4. Students S.O.A.R Empower and Enrich Workshop

  5. Special Partner Programs

Which locations are available?

  • Little India, Farrer Park, Jalan Besar, Lavender

    1. Kampong Kapor Community Services. 03-89 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 200002. 

Class Timings and Schedule

Our classes range from weekdays Monday to Friday to weekend Saturdays. 

Classes can be hybrid also as well (physical in-class and online live Zoom sesions)

Please fill-up the form below​ to allow us to recommend a class timing for you based on your location.

Other Benefits
Class Timings

Please take a few minutes to

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