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Parents, are you too stressed to be blessed? 31 Oct 2020


This session features a panel of qualified speakers discussing very relevant topics and challenges that parents are currently facing.

- Why is it important for parents to understand their children?

- Inculcating values and learning dispositions in children to enhance their life-long learning journey.

- What are the challenges that children face in education?

- What are the emotional challenges that children face?

- How do children learn how to discover their significance in life?


Some of the Speakers include:

  • Parc Sen Loke (Head of Programmes, Centre of Fathering)

  • Lim Yau Boon (BELOVED, social & emotional lead and trainer)

  • Tan Bee Eng (ex-School Principal, Tampines Primary, St Andrews Junior School)

  • Eugene Seah (Global keynote speaker and abundance life coach)

  • Alan VT (Award-winning education entrepreneur)


See the session highlights: click here

See full video: click here

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All Videos

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