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Our Curriculum

BELOVED uses our own original proprietary curriculum combined with world-class resources that develops the love for learning not only through core disciplines and subjects, but an integration of global issues, local relevance, values, critical thinking and application. 

Our Learning Cycle is executed through our original Curriculum
as the Whole-Person Approach through Heart (Socio-Emotional Learning),
Mind (Cognitive Learning) and Subject and is 
targeted according to the development stage of our students.

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It’s not only an original curriculum of materials, but our own propreitary Learning Cycle that takes our students from the content and skills, to themselves personally in what they think and how they feel - creating not only relevance and meaning, but also value in who they are and what they stand for articulated in their personal voice.

We believe that education should not only be goal-focused learning based on results and merit; but one that emphasizes on the holistic development of an individual.

That the success of an individual is not purely determined by his academic achievements but a holistic balance of character, values, knowledge, wisdom and belief.

Success in life is the result of an empowered individual enjoying this journey of learning rather than something that is strived for.

Find out more about our whole person and whole subjecct approach.


Learn more about the heart behind our whole person approach and why this is important for the new generation of learners.


Learn more about our whole language approach that we use for iloveEnglish and how that translates into a great learning experience.


Find out more about our courses that have been customised and tailored for your child.

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