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Our BELOVED Teachers

Every Teacher a BELOVED Teacher!

Our Teachers are :

  • best placed to lead and uphold our philosophy and framework of learning.

  • educationists who have in-depth experience and are passionate in teaching the subject.

  • role models and create learning opportunities to shape and instil in every student important core values.

  • vested to develop in each student a sense of self-worth and confidence, a spirit of resilience, care and compassion for others by setting an example.

  • passionate to take personal ownership of their professional development to equip themselves with the expertise and competencies to nurture every student to be an active citizen of good character.

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Every teacher aims to inspire, create interest and impart to our students. It is their gift, their passion!

They also have : 

  • Heart for Students (they have a heart of love and compassion for the students)

  • Heart of a Teacher (they have the gift to bring out the love for learning)

  • Heart for People (they have a compassion and empathy for the less fortunate and privileged)

Meet Just Some of Our BELOVED Teachers


Maureen Tan (Lead English Director) 

Maureen Tan has over 47 years teaching experience in English and Literature.

She has taught English and Literature at Raffles Girls` Secondary  School for 15 years.  Business Communication and Teamwork Modules, Report Writing, Communication Skills for Work, at the Singapore Polytechnic for 22 years, and English as a Second Language at the CELC at NUS for over 10 years. 

During the 10 years at CELC, NUS, she was part of a team that was responsible for improving the English Language proficiency level of the PRC Scholarship undergraduate students.  

A Colombo Plan Scholarship recipient with a B.A. (in Education), University Of Auckland, New Zealand, and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, National University of Singapore, Ms. Tan has been providing the support students need to meet challenging academic demands, to adapt to innovative learning, and to bring education into the digital age.

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Alan VT (Lead Maths Director for Pri/Sec) 

Mr. Alan VT is an award-winning education entrepreneur with more than 20 years of pedagogical experience in mathematics and science subjects. An NIE-Trained and Ex-MOE Teacher with years of teaching experience has also trained numerous students for Math Olympiad Competitions . 

He places a strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and making neuro-connections between different topics to empower students to do well in their exams. He also currently heads the Neuro Research and curriculum arm of BELOVED and under his supervision, the research team has been developing technology-based teaching resources to boost students’ academic performance. His online Algebra programme has been very effective in helping students to be more resilient in their cognitive thinking process.

Elaine Wee.jpg

Elaine Wee (Primary)

Level Head for English and consecutive five-time recipient of her school’s Caring Teacher Award, Elaine taught at a renowned primary school for close to a decade. In the course of her teaching journey, she has written several articles for MOE publications and shared her insights on teaching with her colleagues at MOE Symposiums. In recognition of her contribution to the development of teachers, she was awarded MOE’s Associate of Teachers Network Award in 2008. Elaine previously ran JW Tuition Centre, well known for its Creative Writing and English Enrichment programmes. She strongly believes that every child is special and celebrates not just their achievements in school, but also in other areas of their lives.


Jane Wee (Primary)

Specialising in the teaching of English and Literature as a graduate from the National Institute of Education, Jane was also appointed Health Coordinator of her primary school to ensure the physical, mental and emotional well-being of her students. With many years of experience in primary school education, she believes in nurturing a strong sense of identity within young Learners, alongside new knowledge and essential skills, in order to grow a deep confidence for attaining holistic success later in life. She believes that every milestone that a child goes through, the child needs encouragement, love and support; and exemplifies this every time she teaches a class.

Mei Lin.jpg

Mei Lin (Educator and Curriculum Lead) 

Mei Lin comes with more than 30 years of experience with MOE in Secondary Education. Starting with 15 years as a Teacher and HOD (Head of Department) in English Language and Humanities, she spent a further 10 years at MOE’s Headquarters and Civil Service Institute to oversee Secondary English curriculum development and the training of MOE teachers, before another 5 years as the Vice-Principal of a MOE Secondary School.

 She left MOE to become the Assistant Director of SEAMEO Regional English Language before joining Panpac Education to oversee the development and editing of scores of assessment and textbooks in English language and Humanities. Mei Lin is a dedicated educator whose passion is for learning – both of her students as well as her own as she ceaselessly pursue new curriculum and pedagogies.


Cassandra PK (Secondary)

Cassandra is a dedicated, qualified & highly experienced MOE Registered English academic teacher of many years. She has worked with MOE, with prestigious Independent Schools like ACS & SST, with established & reputed private enrichment schools like Mind Stretcher, Lorna Whiston & Morris Allen and is also working with and assisting international students to ace their English examinations in Singapore.


Cassandra has consistently assisted with curriculum innovation (and planning) and her students are given targeted feedback and recommendations based on her thorough knowledge of the examination marking rubrics. This has helped 95% of her ( tutored ) students improve rapidly from Cs to As within one academic year. 


Additionally she also is an academic consultant for foreign-owned schools that are not well-versed in the local English syllabus. Having conducted employability Language Modules at the Polytechnic as well, she is also able to tutor a range of Communication/Presentation Skills, Resume Creation, Interview Skills etc for students/adults who need support and guidance in these areas.


Mukti Chugani (Secondary)

Ms. Mukti graduated from King’s College London, UOL with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) majoring in English and English Literature. She obtained her Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE), specializing in English for Secondary and Junior College.


Ms. Mukti has taught at both local MOE schools and International schools. She has taught both O – level English and English Literature as well as A-level General Paper. Ms. Mukti’s background from working in different educational settings both locally and abroad have allowed her to be flexible in her teaching approaches. She is able to draw upon a range of teaching strategies and adopt specific teaching methods to instil in students a love for reading, writing, and learning.


She firmly believes that learning must be enjoyable and each class that she teaches is a combination of humor, creativity and differentiation. Ms. Mukti puts an emphasis on creative thinking skills so her students have ‘an edge’ and are equipped with the knowledge to handle the O-Level paper and beyond!


Lyn Foo (Primary) 

Lyn is an educator who has a strong passion for impacting lives and strongly believes and encourages the pursuit of life-long learning. She believes that learning should be made both enjoyable and practical, incorporating practical applications in her lessons.  She has the ability to engage students through her interactive style of teaching and high level of engagement. She is a Cambridge Certified English Language Teacher, has a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Science Business Administration. She also comes with private teaching experience for primary and secondary levels in English Language, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.  


Manoj Nair (Secondary) 

Manoj strives to impart the beauty of the English language to his students. He advocates a good command of the written word and verbal parlance. In an age where we are facing the onslaught of artificial intelligence and machine learning, students must learn to differentiate themselves from the proverbial robot, by absorbing, analysing, writing and speaking English with conviction. Manoj is not your typical run-of-the-mill tutor. A professional engineer with global experience, he decided to make a career change when he noticed students struggling with English and also having a strong desire to impart more excitement and passion to their learning journey . Besides being a competent and experienced English language tutor, he is also a public seminar presenter and co-produces learning English online modules.


Bala K (Primary and Secondary Maths) 

Mr. Bala K is an excellent educator with many years of experience and also the founder of Thinkers Learning Centre (Academic Coaching and Training Centre for students and parents). He holds a BSc (Mathematics) Degree from teh National University of Singapore (NUS), ACTA Certificate for Adult Training and is a Neuro Schema Algebra Trainer with more than 10 years of experience working with educators and training institutions, organising and managing academic and training programmes at different schools.


If you have a heart to bring quality education to all students, especially those who are not positioned financially or socially; and you have a desire that all should have hope and bright future.

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