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Whole Language

Whole Person Approach

Discover the Love of Learning

Our Vision

“To empower successful global-minded individuals who love learning to become
positive-influencers who will impact their nation and families.”

Our Programmes

"Preparing Global Leaders and Learners and not classroom students"

Instill the passion for learning through meaningful discovery of who they are and the world they live in, and building the firm foundation for English language.

Empowering your child to take ownership of his learning as he faces the most stressful times in his student life.

Skills-based methodology for both English Language and Literature in Lower Secondary. Develop self-identity through an awareness of themselves in the world they live in.

Building critical reading and thinking through current affairs

Building personal voice in expositions through persuasive language


Passionate Teachers. Great Curriculum!

"Shin Yong is the only one in his class who scored band 1 for English in SA1!


What really stood out for us are their sound pedagogy and their teachers. They not only teach with passion but take time to mould characters and impact values. We are really happy with our boys’ progress, and they look forward to going for classes."


Mother of Shin Yong, Primary 4

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