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Beyond Just Numbers

with Neuro-Active Filtering

BELOVED's Math's enrichment-tution program combine MOE Relevant Mathematics studies integrated with Social Emotional Learning and Neuropsychology techniques to not only produce excellent scores but uplift the student's spirit and confidence in real-life applications.


Primary & Secondary


Mastering Mathematics successfully is much more than just the ability to understand concepts and acquire skills. It is the cognitive (the process of thinking, the identification of knowledge, of understanding and perceiving it) and meta-cognitive ("thinking about thinking", higher-order thinking skills) process skills that are equally as important. 

It is also not about just drilling and understanding the application of formulas that one excels in Mathematics; it is when one can achieve a healthy psychological response to problems that normally our brain negatively shuts off that allows a person to access higher-order critical thinking that causes a person to excel.

Neuro Active FilteringTM (NAF)

Beyond Just Numbers

iLoveMaths is a math programme that through the proprietary Neuro Active Filtering (NAF) TM approach, comprehensively incorporates affective, behavioral and cognitive dimensions of learning maths in the preparation for examination.


Thereby, enhancing student's critical thinking skills, emotional well-being, and exam effectiveness. Through the Neuro Active Filtering TM approach, many students have benefitted, become exam savvy and good effectors of their potential!


  • To bring about the joy in learning any subject! 

  • Build a sense of achievement in the learner. 

  • Create a positive attitude to any problem no matter how difficult! 

  • Reducing stress in examinations and preparations. 

  • Removing fear from failure and condemnation from not being to accomplish the problems. 

  • Building a healthy identity in the learner that produces right- confidence to life and challenges!

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