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Maths Framework and Curriculum

iLoveMaths Framework

BELOVED's iLoveMath's follows the Mathematics framework as followed by the Singapore Ministry of Education.


The central focus of this framework is to use mathematics to solve problems and also reflects 21st-century competencies. 


This framework emphasizes on conceptual understanding, skills proficiency and mathematical processes, and also attitudes and metacognition. 


iLoveMaths Schema-Based

Maths Learning 


A schema is a mental concept that lets a person know what to expect from a range of situations and experiences. Schemas are derived naturally from learning from life experiences and then stored in our memories. 


The schema-based math learning strategy we use involves the use of specific visual schematic diagrams to facilitate translation and solution of mathematical problems. Through this method, students are able to effectively organise, classify and analyse information. At the same time, their memory is enhanced together with a deeper comprehension level. Learning of concepts are also much more effeciently structured. 

Schema- Based Maths Learning


Some Examples of Schema

  • Comparison

  • Fixed Model

  • Transfer Model

  • Equal Model

  • Stacking Model 

  • Groups and Sets Model 

  • Common Base Model 

  • Guess and Check Model 

  • Part-Whole Model

  • Fraction Convert Ratio Model 

  • Formula, Part and Whole Model 


Some Examples of Schema

  • Making the Subject 

  • Algebra Expansion 

  • Algebra Factorisation

  • Algebra Identities

  • Algebra Fraction

  • Algebra Simultaneous

  • Algebra Substitution

  • Algebra Elimination

  • Algebra Problem Solving

  • Algebra Graphs

  • Algebra Mensuration

  • Algebra Arithmetics


with Neuro Active Filtering TM

Maths enrichment and tuition is combined in our classes where Schema-based learning is infused and taught with the regular school topics and combined with our Neuro Active Filtering TM techniques. 

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