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Thank you for registering for our teacher partnership program where we will work with you as a teacher as an education partner in our various platforms (i.e. classroom teaching, private tuition)

Our heart is to create a community of teachers, parents, and children where the love for learning and the passion to love others is cultivated through the integration of social-emotional learning and positive values into the teaching of the regular school curriculum.


This form will take around 10 mins to fill up. please have your resume in pdf and profile picture to submit. (* is where the filed is required)

(A) Personal Details

Your details will be kept confidential and are directly related to how we can find suitable students that would be the best match for you. We will reach out to you when there are suitable assignments. 


(B) Educational Profile

This information will be disclosed to the potential seekers of tutors so that they can understand your profile and experience.

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(D) Teacher Rates

Please indicate your range of rates in this section here. The range of rates should be reasonable and correspond according to your experience and qualifications. 

(E) Consent

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